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Dear World, please meet my new friend Jake. Thanks, Brian

Caitlin and Matt are Jake’s parents, and they graciously drove to Maine to connect with me during a busy series of shoots so I could meet and photograph their awesome little guy. I’ve gone on and on in the past about how our style of kid photography is to create experiences where that kids have the best time ever, but with Jake… I’ll come right out and say there was nothing that needed to be done. Jake sort of had the best time ever all on his own. Jake is mellow and fun and just the sweetest little kid.

Bowdoin College alums may recognize Caitlin, who is a fellow Polar Bear, as well as the Bowdoin Quad, which we used as our location for the shoot.

At Jake’s age, he’s not walking yet but that just means that he finds great joy in the simplest things: being held by mum & dad, being turned upside down, and most importantly… being tossed in the air! He really was so wonderful the entire time.

Oh yeah! And being helped along while walking the quad also brought a big smile to Jake’s face too!

We know Caitlin and Matt are raising Jake properly because he’s already loving his Red Sox kit. Proper New England parenting right there. Well done.

Everyone should be so full of joy.

No photo shoot of mine would be complete without including the puppies! This is Desi and Lucy. They weren’t with us long, but it was fun while it lasted.

It was really wonderful to spend time with Jake, Matt and Caitlin. I had been in the middle of a marathon of travel and shooting, so it was refreshing to stop and document these simple joys of life. Seeing a Jake’s eyes light up because he just picked a blade of grass or because his dad and mum held him close… that’s the important stuff in life, and I was honored to capture it for them. Thank you Caitlin & Matt! The complete photos are available for viewing as well for buying prints/downloads here, and we’ll post these photos to our Facebook Page here, so you can like/tag/share etc. If you’re enjoying our work and are so inclined, go ahead and “like” our company page as well. We always appreciate the support

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