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WEDGE Creative’s photography featured in VOGUE with Laura De Sole & Ben Baccash’s exquisite South Carolina wedding.

We are very discreet when it comes to publicizing our weddings and our wedding clients. We photograph many celebrity (and not-so celebrity) weddings every year, and quite often, we never show that work publicly. A wedding is a beautiful, private affair… and only with the blessing of our clients do we post select celebrations on our blog. To the frustration of numerous magazine editors, who can’t possibly understand why a photographer would not want their work published… we rarely distribute our wedding imagery to magazines for that same reason: we photograph weddings 100% to support our clients, never to exploit their beauty or notoriety. It’s just the way we’ve always done things, and our clients trust us completely as a result. That being said, we do have many clients who are happy to see their celebrations in print and on the web, and for them, we do our best to support them as well!

Enter our friends at VOGUE. We’ve worked with them in the past and they make the process easy to share imagery, and we trust them. So today we’re celebrating a little for our friends Laura De Sole and Ben Baccash whose amazing wedding photos are on the front page of And how cool is it to have the VOGUE cover logo inlaid into your wedding photos? Pretty cool we would say!

The VOGUE feature article of Laura De Sole & Ben Baccash

The VOGUE feature article of Laura De Sole & Ben Baccash’s wedding. Fashion certainly was at play in many of the details, however the ceremony was as genuine and as beautiful as any we can remember. The best of all worlds.

The best part of the feature for us is to read in detail the captions written by Laura about her thoughts and ideas about her wedding day… and then to see how they were implemented with the help of many talented individuals, least of which were Tom Ford, Derek Lam, Bronson Van Wyck and our personal favorite… David Bamber (Creative Director at Tom Ford) to name just a few. It was certainly a team effort by many creative professionals, and to say it was a success may be the understatement of the year.

Vogue Feature Article Laura De Sole wedding.

VOGUE’s daily fashion runway models and WEDGE Creative’s wedding photography as the masthead. How fun!

So a very big congratulations to Laura De Sole and Ben Baccash… not to mention the great folks at VOGUE who made this happen. Please cruise over to the website (direct link here) and enjoy all the details! We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our many friends, fans, colleagues and clients. So thanks very much! Happy Day! Maybe it’s about time to share our other VOGUE features as well?!

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