Dancing badly… Around The World

My friend Nicole sent this to me… and I had to share it!  It’s a friend of hers who has been traveling the world and does a very simple, goofy dance in some incredible places.  It’s inspiring, it will make you smile, and it makes me realize how powerful something so basic can be.  Watch it.  It will make you feel good.

I’m dedicating this post to my sister Lea, who is still recovering from her leukemia / bone marrow transplant and is dealing with a host of annoying, frustrating and necessary restrictions.  Today was a tough one for her.  She’s doing well, but she wants normalcy.  She wants to play in the sun, swim in the ocean… and be a little less thoughtful about her lack of an immune system and health in general.  Who could blame her?  She’s been patient long enough.

Lea: we will travel the world again, and when we do… let’s dance badly.   Your time is coming.  Hang in there!  I love you!

Click on the play button to start the video (I recommend going FULL SCREEN).  After you get the video going, click on that weird star shape just to the LEFT of the word VIMEO to make it full screen.


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